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Meet me beneath the palm trees

From now on call me royal blue

Snow on the pines

Wind beneath my wings

Deep blue sea in my waredrobe

I like Slam dunks

A date with Kelly Green

St. Patrick‘s Day 2014

Ready steady spring


Rusty cage

Grey cloudy lies

The eye of the tiger

Boyfriend jeans

Burgundy shoes

Take a chance on love

Disney girl forever

Respect the frenchie


Orange crush

I'll be a sunbeam

Stairway to heaven

Behind blue eyes

Cat People

Mademoiselle Herbst


Evening sun

Fight against the weather

Chartres Cathedral

Mysterious ways

Sweet as green apples

Karl who?

Rebel heart/span>

Let your heart be attuned

High heels have got me falling down

We have cookies

I can do it better

Little freezing devil

Just a nerd in love

Lumberjack Girl

A zebra wid a red heart

Love is like snow

I love to see you smiling 

Merida and Union Jack

My wine red heart

The galaxy that lives inside 

The moon princess

Neon and Leopard

I'm chained to you

So rot wie Mohn

Downtown mixing fabrics

Before green was a thing

She comes in colours

Green Goblin Fighter

Sitting in the street

Comic book heroine

We're painting the roses red

The golden one settles down

Got my black boots on

Autumn gypsy and a blue duck

And the Green Lady called

Spothic Chic

Like the sun through the trees

Shock to the system

Man! I feel like a woman

Blue autumn

Smokey blue eyes

That which we call a rose...

Pink is like red

Sunflower suit

I'm a good girl

Terrible thrills

You keep me in motion

Dance, Cherry, Dance

Let nature be your dancefloor

LOL, smiley face

In the garden of love

Casting anchor in my heartz

I got my heart set on you

There's a mint bee

Ballroom Blitz

I'm joining the dots

Pineapple Princess

My heart is a flower

Colours of the wind

The rain before it falls

The floral dance

A lace covered window

Rock Chick

This peppermint girl

Navy and red

A rose without thorns

Pattern mixing

If I show you the roses

Pinke Schuhe

That every time...

La garçonne en moi

Sporty Glam-Rock

The pages of your diary

We want Candy!

Fantasy warrior

Aztec gold

Stuck in a sepia film

American assymetry

Fabulous 50s

Pastel coloured

Bear Inc

College Girl

Lavender Lace

Gypsy Dancer

Neues Bauchfrei

Un peu de Chanel

But if you tame me

Secondhand Rose

Baby punk


Seine Majästät der Tod

Egyptian delights

Rural girl

Trousers for President

Fringe on my boots

Stars in Stripes D

Stars in Stripes Ch

Ballerine au coeur

My coat has ears!

Purple rain

Pink ist das neue Grün

Wild and free

Eire's green daughters

Shed your snakeskin


Puss in boots

Mein wunderschöner Schal

Just a little green

Pied de poule dans le brouillard

Karo-Cape & Glitzer

Saturday's outfit

I want to ride my bike

Wild and nobel

Fox Meeting

Fall falls for knitware

Türkis, Kupfer und Animal Print


A fox looks out for green

Hahnentritt mit Senf mariniert

Autumn leaves

Un peu de Garçonne

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